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Kamis, 14 Februari 2013

Nora Roberts - Chesapeake Blue

author : Nora Roberts

G.P Putnam's Sons New York


status : buku beli di toga mas galeria mall yogyakarta 26 Juli 2011

Buku ini salah satu novel yang hanya karena keinginan sesaat beli novel berbhs inggris, sesungguhnya dari beli aku baru sekali baca dan kayaknya ga sampe selesai....

salah satu masalahnya adalah, language problem otak gw harus menerjemahkan kata per kata ke bahasa indonesia dan baru dikembangkan menjadi kalimat yg berbahasa indonesia baru aku ngeh maksudnya...#intinya dizzy

dan akhirnya browsing punya browsing, aku baru ngeh kalo ini buku ke 4 dari seri chesapeake #gubraggg trus gimana donk buku 1 - 3...entahlah, mungkin dengan tongpesnya daku mau ga mau cari epub gretong...

sinopsis :
Seth Quinn is finally home.

It's been a long journey. After a harrowing boyhood with his drug-addicted mother, he'd been taken in by the Quinn family, growing up with three older brothers who'd watched over him with love.

Now a grown man returning from Europe as a successful painter, Seth is settling down on Maryland's Eastern Shore, surrounded once again by Cam, Ethan, and Phil, their wives and children, and all the blessed chaos of the extended Quinn clan. Finally, he's back in the little blue-and-white house where there's always a boat at the dock, a rocker on the porch, and a dog in the yard.

Still, a lot has changed in St. Christopher since he's been gone--and the most intriguing change of all is the presence of Dru Whitcomb Banks. A city girl who's opened a florist shop in this seaside town, she craves independence and the challenge of establishing herself without the influence of her wealthy connections. In Seth, she sees another kind of challenge--a challenge that she can't resist.

But storms are brewing that are about to put their relationship to the test. Dru's past has made her sensitive to deception--and slow to trust. And Seth's past has made him a target of blackmail--as a secret he's kept hidden for years threatens to explode, destroying his new life and his new love...

mw lanjutin bikin review tapi liad jam udh jam 1/2 10 dan aku blom mandi :cengengesan: di kantor lagi banyak kerjaan jadi sepertinya harus ditunda dl yak...sayangnya baca cuma bentar susahnya bikin reviewnya, kudu muter otak cuy....

cu then....

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